Vulnerability is the point

Of course, vulnerability is the point for us as humans. If we are not vulnerable, we are not open. We have these choices in life, to become open and wounded by it, and to find new life through our openness. Or, we can remain closed. We will still be wounded, but will not find new life; instead, a hardening of the old will come.

Either, however, has spiritual implications, because either is a reminder of my lack of control, and control or power and where I find my sense of it has deep consequences for my mind, my body, my spirit. When we deny our vulnerability we grasp for power and fashion it after ourselves. But vulnerability is the point because it compels us to look outside of ourselves for control and power, and this is a spiritual exercise, whether we find it in money or appearances or God. 

So vulnerability itself is a spiritual exercise, to remain open to the world around us, the life and Spirit waiting to be let in.

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