Support an Author

If you’re like me, when you want to read a book you go to one of two places: a) the library, or b) the used bookstore.  These two places are wonderful.  Well-run libraries are today’s town squares.  They are places to catch up on community events, to feel the pulse of the local intelligentsia, to peruse knowledge and stories.  Used bookstores, on the other hand, all smell of aging paper and stale glue, and it’s intoxicating.  The books are worn and the covers rounded, the shelves high and filled to the brim with books, and in a great used bookstore a dog lazes in the corner.  I love these places.

Yet for the author, while she adores these places, they also stand in juxtaposition to her livelihood.  In a capitalist society, an author must sell books in order to make a living.  An author cannot rent books for free.  An author cannot sell one book, then have others make money by selling the book over and over again.  The author needs to sell brand new, shiny, overpriced books.

Thus, my mantra for today: Support an author; buy a book!

You may wonder to yourself, “What book should I buy?”  Or, you may be a bit stuffy and wonder to yourself, “What book ought I to buy?”  Well, may I make a suggestion: Upstart II. Wide Array Publishers, a small independent publisher based out of Texas, is putting out an anthology of true, paradigm-shifting stories.  And, you can pre-order hereUpstart II is the latest book by Wide Array, and is slated to come out early November.

So, support an author.  Buy a book.  You may just get a chance to read a certain author whose blog you enjoy reading/can tolerate/stumbled upon.

But really, buy the book.  And then, head down to your local library for five more.

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