Good vs. Evil

So, I was watching “Kingdom of Heaven,” a movie with Orlando Bloom and Liam Neeson.  In the movie, Orlando Bloom plays a virtuous knight during the Crusades.  He treats others fairly; he refuses to be involved in political intrigue.  He doesn’t judge Arabs or Christians by their beliefs, but by their actions.

At one point in the movie, a woman tells Orlando’s character that sometimes a small evil act is necessary for a greater good.  I walked away with this line ringing in my head.  Is a small evil act sometimes necessary for a greater good?

Of course, right off the bat I say no.  We all say no.  Of course, none of us ever speeds to meet a friend on time.  We wouldn’t do that.  Speeding is against the law.  We shouldn’t break the law for the “greater” good of meeting a friend on time.

Or, again looking at the laws of countries: we wouldn’t revolt against a fairly benevolent ruler, causing thousands of death and years of suffering, just to have our own country.  Would we?  Today, we say no.  Of course, our country was founded by traitors.  If we lost the war to the British, we can bet that they all would have been hanged.

So, what do you think?  Is evil sometimes necessary for a greater good?  Is breaking the laws of country, or even starting a war, necessarily evil?  Is a little rebellion now a then a good thing?*

Or, is there always a better way?

* Thanks, Thomas Jefferson.

One thought on “Good vs. Evil

  1. Lots of choices in life are complicated. Many times our choice is not between evil and good, but between a greater and lesser good…..or a greater and lesser evil. And many choices have both wrong/evil dimensions as well as right/good dimensions.

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