So, this is my new blog.  And, for the three of you who still occasionally read my thoughts, you can bookmark this new location.

A little about the last few weeks: I’ve started a new day job, teaching at the Denver Street School.  It’s a school for at-risk kids; the staff is great and kids start coming on Monday.  I’m told there really aren’t anymore problems at the school than at a regular public school, as a lot of our kids end up there due to absenteeism.

I’m also doing a little night work at Everest College, teaching a comp class.

With the various new jobs, my writing has suffered a bit, but I’ve had a good talk with it.  The problem is, like a passive-aggressive roommate, when my writing suffers, I suffer.  Alas.

For now, my meager writing will have to be happy with a new blog and a few accompanying thoughts.  More to come when I don’t have so much lesson planning to do.

Finally, check out www.widearrayonline.com.  I have a piece in Upstart Crows II that’s coming out this fall.  More to come later, including my relentless push to make you buy a copy…

One thought on “Welcome!

  1. Gabe,

    I am glad to see your post….I’m not sure who the three people are that you refer to, but I am one who checks your blog!!


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